Exclusive Oracle Event: Hear the Reality of How Experian PLC Achieved ‘One Global View’

Wednesday, 20 February 2013
09:00 – 13:00
Oracle Corporation UK
One South Place
London EC2M 2RB, United Kingdom
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Hear the Reality of how Experian PLC achieved ‘One Global View’

Get a Grip on Your Financial Data

Attend this half day seminar to discover how organisations proactively manage changes in master data across operational, analytical and performance management silos and hear, first hand, how Experian achieved one consolidated global view of business performance, sales insight and planning data, enabling their management team to make, timelier, effective decisions as their business grows.

  • Worried about inconsistencies between financial reports because of problems you have maintaining account codes, cost centres, new entities, and other master data and hierarchies across financial systems?

  • Is your company making every effort to reconcile and control these processes but would like to find a way to reduce the time and resources needed?

  • Are you embarking on a major change to financial systems or process - maybe an upgrade to Fusion financials, change of vendor or are considering chart of accounts standardisation?

  • Do you, like many companies, continue to experience proliferation of financial and operational systems, and suffer the challenges of ownership and alignment of data and structures. The impact of this is often evident only when things go wrong and business decisions are made using inaccurate or inconsistent information.

  • Does this manifest itself in significant manual work to provide a level of consistency across the numerous systems and reporting outputs required to monitor, track, analyse and report businesses performance.

The dynamics of businesses change continuously, whether releasing new products or diversifying into new markets; acquiring new businesses or divesting in others; hiring new staff or re-structuring; All of these scenarios add to the volume and diversity of your companies information needs.

The ability of your organisation to mitigate the risk of error and provide a trusted yet agile framework for business change is now critical to gain competitive advantage.

Strategic and operational decisions are taken every day in our businesses based on numbers and information provided from many different systems, numbers which will have changed significantly on their journey from source to the inbox of the decision maker. How confident are you that the numbers you are analysing, reporting and using to make key business decisions are accurate, consistent and trusted?

Join us for this informative event that will show you how you can ensure incremental business value is recognised in terms of cost savings and productivity whilst providing the flexibility, consistency and governance that gives finance the confidence and trust necessary.

How Experian Achieved One Global View

Find out what it took for Experian to establish confidence in a ‘European and Latin American standard’ in data acquisition for Sales Insight and Financial Reporting. Hear how versatile DRM is in maintaining disparate hierarchies across multiple functions for the office of finance and listen how Experian are ‘pushing the boundaries’ of DRM within their organisation.

DRM – The Glue in Financial Transformation

If you have eBusiness Suite and are looking to upgrade, move to Oracle Fusion or are heading toward a redesign of your chart of accounts one of your biggest headaches will be constant reconciliation and validation of your many iterative views of the business as you model what you need and then, as you deploy the result.

Hear from the experts how, by including DRM in your development activities, you can give full visibility of the future state of your financials, easily reconcile financial data between old and new views and create an analytical cube that, as you model your requirements, will be dynamically built – and re-built – alongside a cube that reflects your existing chart of accounts view. See how you can simplify what is, as you know, a challenging and resource greedy process.





Welcome and Introduction


Data Relationship Management (DRM) – Panacea or Placebo?
Trevor Todd, Oracle Corporation


DRM in Operation
Steve Varney, Oracle Corporation




How Experian Achieved the ‘One Global View’
Experian PLC


DRM – The Glue in Financial Transformation
Edgewater Ranzal


Q&A Panel

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Event Details:
Wednesday, 20 February 2013
09:00 – 13:00

Oracle Corporation UK
One South Place
London EC2M 2RB, United Kingdom
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