Oracle Cloud: Your Best Choice for Production Workloads

The public cloud is maturing. At every layer (software, platform, and infrastructure as a service, or SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS respectively), the motivation for cloud adoption is shifting from technical convenience (such as faster provisioning and pay as you go) to enabling business outcomes. These include digital transformation, developer empowerment, increased agility, deeper customer engagement, and gaining business insight from analytics everywhere.

Oracle Cloud: Your Best Choice for Production Workloads

Oracle Cloud Platform provides customers an open, flexible, and cost-effective platform for achieving their desired business outcomes. In this book, you will find a summary of their challenges and achievements with Oracle Cloud. To highlight a few key examples, customers have:

  • Increased revenue and saved costs by accessing compute, storage, and network infrastructure on demand and paying only for actual usage

  • Improved customer service and loyalty by integrating and streamlining processes and information across multiple cloud and on-premises platforms

  • Increased sales productivity by rapidly provisioning IT resources for service enablement, training, and product demonstrations

  • Enabled new entrepreneurial digital services by providing a responsive and integrated platform to support their specialized IT environments

Oracle Cloud Customers in this Digibook

The customers featured in this book include those who have migrated their existing applications (Oracle and thirdparty custom) and who have deployed new applications onto the Oracle Cloud Platform. We also describe customers who have benefited from subscribing to a single IaaS service to meet their more tactical needs, such as low-cost and high-reliability archive storage–a category where Oracle offers the greatest cost advantage available in IaaS today.

The motivations for IaaS adoption discussed in this book are organized into these categories:

Migrate to the Cloud with Confidence

Making the decision to move your workloads to the cloud is a critical one. Therefore, it is essential that your business selects a cloud service provider with a proven track record of leading businesses like yours through IT transformations, and a cloud platform that can deliver the outcomes you desire for your business.

Oracle delivers IaaS in a manner that doesn’t compromise the levels of security, transparency, and governance enterprises are accustomed to within their on-premises deployments.

Oracle Cloud IaaS is a complete set of core services, including compute, storage, networking, and migration tools. Oracle IaaS is also complemented by targeted solutions to make managing day-to-day operations and governance easier. Read on to find out what makes Oracle’s IaaS Cloud platform unique and how it can be adopted by your organization.

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Businesses are increasingly turning to the cloud to meet their IT needs. Global spending on IaaS in 2019 is predicted to be US$28 billion1—that’s a 155 percent increase from 2015.2

Learn more about the basics of enterprise cloud technology here.

Oracle Cloud: A Uniquely Comprehensive and Integrated Platform

Oracle Cloud customers have recognized that while all IaaS cloud providers offer the foundational components of servers, storage, and network, it takes an exceptional cloud provider to take on the responsibility to enhance, optimize, and integrate the complete services portfolio across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Oracle Cloud is unique in its industry-leading capabilities and commitment. It is not only complete, and integrated across all IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud layers, but also interoperable with on-premises technologies. It is unique in its capability to support a unified and complete Oracle technology stack across all layers of the cloud and on premises, and to be able to operate between the two—even with the choice of servers residing in your own data center. Oracle Cloud also allows you to migrate (lift and shift) completely virtualized Oracle (and some third-party and custom) environments into Oracle Cloud.

Oracle IaaS: Capabilities Overview

Oracle IaaS provides an elastic, secure, integrated, and cost-effective infrastructure in the cloud, enabling flexibility and freeing up time to focus more on your business’s core mission.

Oracle IaaS is built on a high-performance architecture that provides industry-leading price/performance, peak performance, and performance consistency. Oracle provides single-tenant compute isolation, fast provisioning, and transparency for corporate data–center-like manageability and governance.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure seamlessly integrates with Oracle Cloud PaaS and SaaS to reduce costs and speed up business-application deployment in the cloud, delivering predictable, precision performance and enterprise-grade security at the same time.

No other cloud provider offers the level of choice and flexibility that Oracle delivers in cloud solutions to meet your business’s cloud needs.

Cloud Transformation Business Stories
Find your area of interest and learn how companies transformed
their operations with the help of Oracle Infrastructure as a Service.

Migrating Your Data Center to the Cloud

Migrating your data center to the cloud is a strategic move for any business. Whether you’re looking to benefit from subscription pricing, simplify deployment, or just gain powerful new capabilities, the cloud is the catalyst for next-generation business transformations. Read these success stories to see how companies have fully embraced the idea of moving mission-critical production portfolios to the cloud.

Lifting and Shifting Applications to the Cloud

Switching to public-cloud resources and management relieves IT of a major responsibility, along with associated capital expenses. Companies find that lifting and shifting existing applications to the cloud enables IT to be more responsive to the business, execute faster and more consistently, and even mitigate business risk through high-availability and up-to-date patching. In this section, see how IT is delivering more a responsive infrastructure.

Managing Development—DevTest in the Cloud

By enabling developers to create new development and test environments in minutes, the cloud offers huge advantages over traditional software development practices—and effectively helps to shorten development and deployment cycles. See how companies rely on Oracle Cloud to create, deploy, and deliver powerful new enterprise-changing applications and capabilities.

Building and Deploying Cloud-Native Apps

If you are building cloud-native applications, you require a public-cloud infrastructure designed to host them. Oracle offers three key ingredients (availability domains, a flat network, and off-box virtualization) that, when combined, provide a public-cloud infrastructure foundation ready to host cloud-native applications. Read how companies have become more responsive to their customers by utilizing a cloud-based infrastructure to support cloud-native application development.

In this section, read about the innovators and entrepreneurs who use Oracle Cloud as a frictionless tool to enter new markets.