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Staged Data

Staged Data is a copy of data that is held in the OEDQ repository.

There are two types of Staged Data. Each type is created in a different way:

 Snapshots; that is, copies of data from source files or databases within Data Stores.

 Written Staged Data; that is, data that is written out by a Writer or a published results view in an OEDQ process.

Either type of Staged Data can be:

Deleting Staged Data

You can delete any Staged Data set.

Note that you will receive a warning if the Staged Data set is used by other configuration objects, for example if it is being read, or written to, by any processes, or used in a Lookup.

To delete Staged Data, right-click on the Staged Data set, and select Delete Staged Data (for staged data written by a Writer) or Delete Snapshot (for snapshots).

Editing Staged Data

You can edit Staged Data as follows:

For Snapshots, you can change any of the initial set up information defined during the creation of the snapshot. For instance, if the initial setup used only 1000 rows as part of the initial investigation, this can be changed by editing and rerunning the snapshot.

For Written Staged Data, you can change the structure of the Staged Data table; that is, add/remove columns and edit the data types of the columns. Edits to Written Staged Data will normally require the reconfiguration of Writers that write to that Staged Data table.

Note: The structure of a Staged Data table can also be edited from the Writer that writes to it, so that you can change a Staged Data table to suit the attributes that you wish to write, which may change if you edit the process.

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