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Installing and Configuring Address Verification

Address Verification for OEDQ comprises two components:

Installing the API

The AV API is available for download from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

To install the AV Server, follow the instructions provided with the download.

The recommended installation paths are:

Note: OEDQ requires that the C++ and Java APIs be installed. This should install at least the following files:

Windows OEDQ Server Linux OEDQ Server
lqtjava.dll loqate.jar


Note: When performing a Windows installation, the AV installation path must be added to the System Path.

Installing the Global Knowledge Repository

The Global Knowledge Repository, comprising the data used by AV, must be purchased directly from Oracle's partner Loqate. The repository comes with it's own installer. Oracle recommends the following installation paths (although it is possible to install the data on a different server to the software if required):


During OEDQ installation, the file is created in ([install path]\config\av).

The properties file must contain the correct paths to the installed AV software and data – for example:

Configuration Property Recommended Windows Path Recommended Linux Path
loqate.datadir C:\\Program Files\\EDQAV\\data /opt/edqav/data
loqate.libdir The DLL directory must be on the system path (i.e. this property is not required).

The directory need not be on the system path. This property is used to set the location, e.g.:

loqate.libdir = /opt/edqav/lib64


If the library directory location has been set by the loqate.libdir property, the connector searches in this directory for the JAR file. If present, it is loaded and no further configuration is necessary.

Ifloqate.libdir is not set, or the JAR file is not located in this directory, the location must be set with the loqate.jar property, for example:

loqate.jar = C:\\Program Files\\EDQAV\\loqate.jar loqate.jar = /opt/edqav/java/loqate.jar


Note: If any of the above configuration options are not set correctly, or if (in Windows) the OEDQ AV software path is not added to the system path, the Address Verification processor will not appear in the tool palette. Any errors in loading the Address Verification processor will be captured in the main server log file (config/logs/main0.log).