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Type: Hard Drive
Manufacturer: Maxtor
Model: SATA Ultra Series
Runs on OS Versions: Oracle Solaris 9 08/03    Reported to Work
Card Type: On-Board
64-bit: false
 Firmware Maker and Version
PXE 3.? Intel on D875PBZ MB
Non-Standard Settings
Drive Configuration is set to legacy and SATA P0/P1 ATA Pri Selected
Driver Name: N/A
Driver Version: N/A
Driver Info: No drivers needed, Intel D875PBZ has firmware to deal with SATA drives.
General Notes: I have 2, 250GB Maxtor SATA drives and a Western Digital 40GB IDE drive. Solaris 9 u5 is installed on the IDE drive. The MB has a Gigabit ethernet, i had to get the driver for it.
But, in general setting the intel factory BIOS to use Drive Configuration of Legacy and setting SATA P0/P1 ATA Pri
did the job. Format shows the new drives exist and did newfs and mounted the drives with no problems. The only issue is i think you cannot install the OS on the SATA drive directly, i had to use IDE drive, and it does not boot off of the IDE drive, i have to jump start it using the CD rom drive and then specify the IDE drive to boot from and everything works fine. If i remove the SATA drives, then i can boot off of the IDE drive with no problem.
This seems to be a minor issue for me. But, having a 500GB space at <$300 per 250 GB is what i call a steal ;-)
Submitter Company: pacificsoft inc.
Last Updated: 2003-08-28

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