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Oracle Solaris 11.2 : Hardware Compatibility List

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Manufacturer Model Technology Card Type
1. Hewlett-Packard    HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 556FLR-SFP+ Adapter  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet PCI-E
2. Hewlett-Packard    HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331T Adapter  - -
3. Hewlett-Packard    HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331FLR Adapter  - PCI-E
4. Hewlett-Packard    HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 366FLR Adapter  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet PCI-E
5. Hewlett-Packard    HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 560FLR-SFP+ Adapter  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet PCI-E
6. Hewlett-Packard    HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 560FLB Adapter  Networking: 10Mb Ethernet PCI-E
7. Broadcom    NetXtreme BCM5722 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express  - -
8. Intel    82599 based X520 dual port server adapter, 10Gb, SFP+ and Direct Attach  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet PCI-E
9. Intel    E1G44HT 10/ 100/ 1000Mbps PCI-Express 2.0 Server Adapter I340-T4  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
10. Hewlett-Packard    NC382m PCI Express Dual Port Multifunction Gigabit server adapter  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
11. Hewlett-Packard    NC365T 4-port Ethernet Server Adapter  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
12. Broadcom    NetXtreme BCM5720 Gigabit Ethernet  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet On-Board
13. Broadcom    NetXtreme II BCM57810 10 Gigabit Ethernet  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet On-Board
14. Intel    I350 1 Gb QuadPort Network Daughter Card  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
15. Intel    X520-DA2  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet PCI-E
16. Brocade Communications Systems    BR1860  Converged Network Adapter (CNA) PCI-E
17. Brocade Communications Systems    BR1020 - (dual port) Converged Network Adapter (CNA)  Converged Network Adapter (CNA) PCI-E
18. Adax Inc.    HDC3-EM  - PCI-E
19. Intel    Ethernet Controller 10 Gigabit X540-AT2  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet PCI-E
20. Intel    I350 Gigabit Network Connection  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
21. Intel    82576NS Dual Gigabit Ethernet connection  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet On-Board
22. Broadcom    NetXtreme BCM5718 Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
23. Intel    Ethernet Server Adaptor I340-T2  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
24. Intel    Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter - EXPI9301CT-BLK  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
25. Intel    Intel Gigabit ET Dual port Server Adapter - E1G42ET  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
26. Broadcom    NetXtreme II BCM5709 Gigabit Ethernet  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
27. Intel    Intel PRO /1000 PT Dual Port [Low Profile] (EXPI9402PTG2L20)  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet -
28. Fujitsu    PRIMERGY 10Gb Modular LAN Adapter  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet -
29. Emulex Corporation    Emulex OneConnect OCe11102 Network Adapter  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet -
30. Cisco Systems, Inc.    M51KR-B  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet -
31. IBM    49Y4235  Networking: 10Gb Ethernet PCI-E
32. IBM    39Y6126  Networking: 1Gb Ethernet PCI-E
33. Broadcom    BCM5708  - On-Board