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Oracle Solaris 11.2 : Hardware Compatibility List

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Manufacturer Model Support Oracle Solaris 11.2
101. Dell   PowerEdge M620  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
102. IBM   BladeCenter HS23(7875AC1)  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
103. IBM   Flex System x440 (7917 AC1)  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
104. IBM   Flex System x240 (8737 AC1)  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
105. Silicon Mechanics   Storform nServ A514.v4  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
106. IBM   System x3650 M2  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
107. Dell   PowerEdge R620  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
108. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX600S6  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
109. Silicon Mechanics   zStax R514.v3-SL  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
110. Dell   PowerEdge R820  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
111. Oracle America, Inc.   SPARC T4-4  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
112. Oracle America, Inc.   SPARC T4-2  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
113. Oracle America, Inc.   SPARC T4-1  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
114. Oracle America, Inc.   SPARC T4-1B  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
115. Oracle America, Inc.   SPARC T3-4  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
116. Oracle America, Inc.   SPARC T3-1B  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
117. Oracle America, Inc.   SPARC T3-1  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
118. Oracle America, Inc.   SPARC T3-2  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
119. Silicon Mechanics   Storform iServ R515.v3  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
120. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY BX920S3  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
121. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY BX924S3  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
122. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C420 M3  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
123. Coraid   SP3000  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
124. Silicon Mechanics   Rackform iServ R4412.v3  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
125. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX900S2  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
126. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY CX250 S1  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
127. Silicon Mechanics   Storform iServ R515-SL  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
128. Hitachi   BladeSymphony 520HB1  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
129. Quanta   QSSC-S4R  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
130. Lenovo   ThinkServer RD430  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
131. Lenovo   ThinkServer RD530  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
132. Dell   PowerEdge 2950 III  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
133. Oracle America, Inc.   Sun Netra SPARC T4-2  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
134. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL685c     Reported to Work
135. Sun Microsystems   SPARC Enterprise T5120  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
136. Sun Microsystems   SPARC Enterprise M9000  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
137. Sun Microsystems   SPARC Enterprise M8000  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
138. Sun Microsystems   SPARC Enterprise M5000  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
139. Sun Microsystems   SPARC Enterprise M4000  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
140. Oracle America, Inc.   Netra SPARC T4-1B  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
141. Oracle America, Inc.   Netra SPARC T4-1  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
142. Oracle America, Inc.   Netra SPARC T3-1B  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
143. Oracle America, Inc.   Netra SPARC T3-1BA  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
144. Oracle America, Inc.   Netra SPARC T3-1  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
145. Sun Microsystems   Sun Netra T5440  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
146. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade T6340 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
147. Sun Microsystems   Sun Netra CP3260  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
148. Sun Microsystems   Sun Netra CP3060  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
149. Sun Microsystems   Sun Netra T5220  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
150. Sun Microsystems   Sun Netra T2000  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
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