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Oracle Solaris 11.2 : Hardware Compatibility List

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Manufacturer Model Support Oracle Solaris 11.2
151. Oracle America, Inc.   Netra Server X3-2 (formerly Sun Netra X4270 M3)  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
152. Oracle America, Inc.   Netra Blade X3-2B (formerly Sun Netra X6270 M3)  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
153. Oracle America, Inc.   Sun Blade X3-2B (formerly Sun Blade X6270 M3)  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
154. Oracle America Inc.   Sun Server X2-8 (formerly Sun Fire X4800 M2)  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
155. Oracle America, Inc.   Sun Server X2-4 (formerly Sun Fire X4470 M2)  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
156. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C24 M3  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
157. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C22 M3  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
158. Oracle America, Inc.   Sun Netra X4270  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
159. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C240 M3  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
160. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C220 M3  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
161. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX200S7  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
162. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL685c G5     Reported to Work
163. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX300S7  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
164. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL320 G6     Reported to Work
165. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL320 G5p     Reported to Work
166. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL2x220c G5     Reported to Work
167. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL260c G5     Reported to Work
168. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL680c G5     Reported to Work
169. Hewlett-Packard   HP X1600 G2 12TB SATA Network Storage System (BV861A)     Reported to Work
170. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL385 G2     Reported to Work
171. Oracle America, Inc.   Sun Blade X6275 M2 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
172. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL585 G7     Reported to Work
173. Dell   PowerEdge R515  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
174. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C260 M2  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
175. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C200 M2 SFF  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
176. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C250 M2  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
177. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C210 M2  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
178. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C200 M2  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
179. Dell   PowerEdge R715  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
180. Dell   PowerEdge R910  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
181. Dell   PowerEdge R810  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
182. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX300S6  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
183. Dell   PowerEdge R610  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
184. Dell   PowerEdge R710  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
185. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6275 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
186. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4270  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
187. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6270  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
188. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4170  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
189. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4275  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
190. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X2270  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
191. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6440 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
192. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4540  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
193. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6240 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
194. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4250  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
195. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6450 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
196. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4440  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
197. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4240  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
198. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4140  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
199. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6250 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
200. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4450  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
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