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Oracle Solaris 11.2 : Hardware Compatibility List

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Manufacturer Model Support Oracle Solaris 11.2
201. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C210 M2  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
202. Cisco Systems, Inc.   UCS C200 M2  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
203. Dell   PowerEdge R715  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
204. Dell   PowerEdge R910  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
205. Dell   PowerEdge R810  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
206. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX300S6  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
207. Dell   PowerEdge R610  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
208. Dell   PowerEdge R710  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
209. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6275 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
210. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4270  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
211. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6270  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
212. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4170  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
213. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4275  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
214. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X2270  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
215. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6440 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
216. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4540  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
217. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6240 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
218. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4250  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
219. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6450 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
220. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4440  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
221. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4240  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
222. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4140  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
223. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6250 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
224. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4450  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
225. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4150  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
226. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4500  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
227. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade X6220 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
228. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4600 M2  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
229. Sun Microsystems   Sun Fire X4600  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
230. Dell   PowerEdge R815  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
231. Inspur   TS850  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
232. Dell   PowerEdge M915  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
233. Sun Microsystems   Sun Blade T6320 Server Module  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
234. Dell   PowerEdge M910     Reported to Work
235. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX200S6     Reported to Work
236. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX200S5     Reported to Work
237. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX300S5     Reported to Work
238. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX100S6     Reported to Work
239. Oracle America, Inc.   Sun Fire X2270 M2  Oracle Premier Support  Certified
240. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY RX100S5     Reported to Work
241. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY BX620S4     Reported to Work
242. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY BFi20S3/2X 5355 2.66 8M/32GB     Reported to Work
243. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY RX600S4     Reported to Work
244. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY TX300S4     Reported to Work
245. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY RX300S4     Reported to Work
246. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY BFi20S3/2X 5355 2.66 8M/16GB     Reported to Work
247. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY BFi40S3/4X 7140M 3.4 16M/32GB     Reported to Work
248. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY BFi40S2/4X 2.66 2M/32GB     Reported to Work
249. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY BFa40/4O875 2.2 2M/32GB     Reported to Work
250. Fujitsu Technology Solutions   PRIMERGY BFa20/2O252 2.6 2M/8GB     Reported to Work
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