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Oracle Solaris 11.2 : Hardware Compatibility List

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Manufacturer Model Support Oracle Solaris 11.2
201. IBM   System x3550 M3 (7944)     Reported to Work
202. IBM   System x3850 X5 (7145-5RY)     Reported to Work
203. IBM   BladeCenter HS22V (7871)     Reported to Work
204. IBM   System x3650 M3 (7945)     Reported to Work
205. Dell   PowerEdge R310     Reported to Work
206. Dell   PowerEdge T310     Reported to Work
207. IBM   System x3550 M2 (7946)     Reported to Work
208. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant SL170s G6     Reported to Work
209. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY BX960S1     Reported to Work
210. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY BX924S2     Reported to Work
211. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL490c G7     Reported to Work
212. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL680c G7     Reported to Work
213. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL620c G7     Reported to Work
214. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX900S1     Reported to Work
215. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL685c G7     Reported to Work
216. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL465c G7     Reported to Work
217. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL2x220c G7     Reported to Work
218. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL385 G7     Reported to Work
219. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY TX200S6     Reported to Work
220. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL980 G7  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
221. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL460c G7  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
222. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY BX922S2     Reported to Work
223. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY BX920S2     Reported to Work
224. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL580 G7  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
225. Fujitsu   PRIMEQUEST 1800E     Reported to Work
226. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY RX600S5     Reported to Work
227. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL360 G7  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
228. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL380 G7  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
229. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY TX300S6     Reported to Work
230. IBM   System x3200 M3 (7328)     Reported to Work
231. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL2x220c G6     Reported to Work
232. Toshiba   NB205-N210     Reported to Work
233. Thomas-Krenn.AG   4HE Intel Dual SC846 2.1     Reported to Work
234. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL785 G6     Reported to Work
235. Lenovo   ThinkPad X200 (7458AJ4)     Reported to Work
236. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL170h G6     Reported to Work
237. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL160se G6     Reported to Work
238. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL180 G6     Reported to Work
239. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL160 G6     Reported to Work
240. MSI   X340     Reported to Work
241. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL280c G6     Reported to Work
242. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY BX620S5     Reported to Work
243. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL465c G6     Reported to Work
244. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL585 G6     Reported to Work
245. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL385 G6     Reported to Work
246. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY BX920S1     Reported to Work
247. Fujitsu   PRIMERGY TX200S5     Reported to Work
248. Acer   Aspire one ZG5     Reported to Work
249. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant DL370 G6     Reported to Work
250. Hewlett-Packard   ProLiant BL685c G6     Reported to Work
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