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Oracle Solaris 11.2 : Hardware Compatibility List

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Manufacturer Model Support Oracle Solaris 11.2
1. Intel   NUC Kit DN2820FYKH  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
2. Lenovo   ThinkCentre M93p tower  Solaris Premier Subscription  Certified
3. Hewlett-Packard   Z400 workstation     Reported to Work
4. Dell   Precision T3400     Reported to Work
5. IBM   IntelliStation Z Pro 922892C     Reported to Work
6. Dell   Dimension 9100     Reported to Work
7. Custom Built   ASUS A8N32-SLI     Reported to Work
8. Dell   Precision 490     Reported to Work
9. Lenovo   KaiTian M4700     Reported to Work
10. Lenovo   KaiTian M6600     Reported to Work
11. Custom Built   MSI K9AGM2-FIH     Reported to Work
12. IBM   Intellistation M Pro 922962C     Reported to Work
13. Shuttle   SN95G5 v3     Reported to Work
14. Shuttle   SN85G4 v1     Reported to Work
15. Dell   OptiPlex GX620     Reported to Work
16. Dell   OptiPlex GX520     Reported to Work
17. Dell   Precision 380     Reported to Work
18. Dell   Dimension 8400     Reported to Work
19. Dell   OptiPlex GX280     Reported to Work
20. Dell   Precision 670     Reported to Work
21. Dell   OptiPlex GX260     Reported to Work
22. Hewlett-Packard   D51C     Reported to Work
23. Hewlett-Packard   XW4100     Reported to Work
24. Dell   Dimension D400     Reported to Work
25. Dell   OptiPlex GX270     Reported to Work
26. Dell   Precision 650     Reported to Work