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Oracle Solaris 10 : Hardware Compatibility List

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Manufacturer Model Technology Card Type
1. Nexsan Technologies    SATABoy2/SASboy  Fibre Channel PCI-E
2. LSI Logic    LSISAS1068E  Storage: RAID On-Board
3. SUNIX    SATA4000  Serial ATA (SATA) PCI
4. Adaptec    29320LPE  Storage: SCSI PCI-E
5. Adaptec    3805  Storage: SAS PCI-E
6. Adaptec    31605  Storage: SAS PCI-E
7. LSI Logic    LSI53C875  Storage: SCSI -
8. Adaptec    ASH-1233  IDE/ATAPI PCI
9. Areca Technology Corp.    ARC-1260  Storage: RAID PCI-E
10. LSI Logic    LSI53C1030  - On-Board
11. ITE    IT8211F ATA133 IDE Controller  IDE/ATAPI -
12. Syba    SB-ATA8212-133I  IDE/ATAPI PCI
13. Adaptec    21610SA SATA RAID  Storage: RAID PCI-X
14. LSI Logic    MegaRAID i4  Storage: RAID PCI
15. LSI Logic    MegaRAID Express 500  Storage: RAID PCI
16. LSI Logic    21320R  Storage: SCSI PCI-X
17. Adaptec    AHA-2940U2/U2W  Storage: SCSI PCI
18. Adaptec    AHA-2940Ultra  Storage: SCSI PCI
19. Hewlett-Packard    Smart Array 5i  Storage: RAID On-Board
20. Intel    875 / ICH5-R  - On-Board
21. Vantec    UGT-ST200  Serial IDE/Atapi PCI
22. Adaptec    Host SATA Controller 1205SA  Serial IDE/Atapi PCI
23. Intel    82801CAM IDE U100  IDE/ATAPI PCI
24. Adaptec    29160N Ultra160 SCSI Host Adapter  Storage: SCSI PCI
25. Tekram    DC-390U2W  Storage: SCSI PCI
26. Mylex    AcceleRAID 150  Storage: RAID PCI
27. Adaptec    AIC 7892  Storage: SCSI On-Board
28. Mylex    AcceleRAID 250  Storage: RAID PCI
29. Tekram    395U/UW  Storage: SCSI PCI
30. Adaptec    AHA-2940UW  Storage: SCSI PCI
31. Symbios    SYM22801  Storage: SCSI PCI
32. Adaptec    AHA-3940W  Storage: SCSI PCI
33. Adaptec    AHA-3940  Storage: SCSI PCI
34. Adaptec    AHA-2944W  Storage: SCSI PCI
35. Adaptec    AHA-2940W  Storage: SCSI PCI
36. Adaptec    AHA-2940  Storage: SCSI PCI