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Oracle Solaris 10 : Hardware Compatibility List

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Manufacturer Model Technology Card Type
1. Sun Microsystems    StorEdge DAT72 Tape Drive  Fibre Channel -
2. Sun Microsystems    StorEdge LTO2 Tape Drive  Fibre Channel -
3. Sun Microsystems    StorEdge SDLT 320 Desktop Tape Drive  Fibre Channel -
4. Sun Microsystems    StorEdge SDLT 600 Desktop Tape Drive  Fibre Channel -
5. Sun Microsystems    StorEdge L8 Tape Autoloader  Fibre Channel -
6. Sun Microsystems    StorEdge L25 Tape Library  Fibre Channel -
7. Sun Microsystems    StorEdge L100 Tape Library  Fibre Channel -
8. Sun Microsystems    Sun StorEdge UniPack, DDS-4  - On-Board
9. Sun Microsystems    x814A 5.0 GB 8mm  Storage: SCSI -
10. Sun Microsystems    DLT drives, all models to DLT 7000  Storage: SCSI -
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