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Type: Server System
Manufacturer: IBM
Model: System x3650 M2
Support: Solaris Premier Subscription
Runs on OS Versions: Oracle Solaris 11.1 to Oracle Solaris 11.3    Certified
Oracle Solaris 10 05/09 to Oracle Solaris 10 1/13    Certified
CPU Type: Intel Xeon CPU X5570@2.93GHz
Intel Xeon CPU X5550@2.67GHz
Num CPUs: 2
Num Cores (per CPU): 4
Patches Tested: 125720-32 for Oracle Solaris 10 05/09
Oracle Solaris 11.1 SRU 3.5.1 for Oracle Solaris 11.1
Chipset: Intel 5520 + ICH10
 Firmware Maker and Version
IBM Corp. -[D6E126AUS-1.02]- 06/26/2009
Driver Info: For Oracle Solaris 10 05/09:
Installed on one of the PCI risers is a Chelsio S310E-CX4 10Gb NIC. The drivers for the NIC consists to two parts, the nexus driver which is cxgen, and the function driver cxge. cxge is what you will see with ifconfig.

The software drivers can be downloaded from here:


There are four packages present in the archive. You want to install:
CHLSt3ei - Chelsio Terminator 3 Ethernet 32 bit x86 Driver
CHLSt3eix - Chelsio Terminator 3 Ethernet 64 bit x86 Driver
Test Suite: true
(May not apply to all OS Revisions. Please refer to 'General Notes')
General Notes: For Oracle Solaris 10 05/09:
Hardware configuration:
BIOS Configuration: IBM Corp. -[D6E126AUS-1.02]
CPU: (x2)Intel Xeon 2.93 Ghz, 8 MB L3, 4 core, with Intel Turbo Boost, Hyper-Threading
Bus: Four 2nd generation PCI-E x8 slots (x4 via risers)

The system is tested with the following network adapters:
IBM 39Y6136
Chelsio 46M1813
IBM 42C1780

The system's Matrox G200eV graphics core does not display correctly on Solaris 10 05/09. To work around the display problem, install the system using jumpstart or use the text based install option. Patch 125720-32 may either be added by jumpstart finish script or it must be added post-install for proper GUI display. This patch can be downloaded from My Oracle Support website located at:

To add the patch 125720-32 manually post install:
# cd [location of the patch 125720-32]
# patchadd 125720-32
# reboot
Submitter Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Last Updated: 2013-02-21

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