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HCL for Oracle Solaris OS
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Type: Server System
Manufacturer: Sun Microsystems
Model: Sun Enterprise 4500
Support: Oracle Premier Support
Platform Group: sun4u
Platform Name: SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise
Runs on OS Versions: Oracle Solaris 10 03/05 to Oracle Solaris 10 1/13    Certified
Num Cores (per CPU): 1
64-bit: true
Last Updated: 2012-08-01


There are (1) comments.

1: "Steffen"
The full range of systems support UltraSPARC I (one) chips should include a comment that Solaris 10 is support only at CPU speeds higher than 200MHz. This info is buried in the release notes and took me 15-20 minutes to find, knowing what I was looking for. See "SPARC: 32-bit Sun4U Kernel" in for validation. The products to note this on include Ultra 1, Ultra 2, Enterprise 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000?, and maybe the Ex500 follow ons. Thanks Steffen
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