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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite: 5.7 User Guide

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Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite (Oracle HCTS) is an application that can be downloaded freely from the Oracle HCTS web site to certify your system for the Oracle Solaris Operating System (OS) compatibility. To use Oracle HCTS, your system should be installed with the Oracle Solaris OS and must be ready for use.

This book describes how to certify that your system hardware is compatible with the Oracle Solaris OS by using the Oracle HCTS application.

Who Should Use This Book

The Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite 5.7 User Guide is for the independent hardware vendors (IHVs), system manufacturers, system integrators, system administrators, and end users who want to perform the following operations with their system devices.

  • Certify system hardware as Oracle Solaris platform compatible.

  • Certify network-related components such as Ethernet, NIC and WiFi card.

  • Certify serial I/O devices.

  • Certify storage devices such as SATA, SAS, SCSI, Fiber Channel, and iSCSI.

  • Certify the InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA).

  • Certify audio and video devices.

  • Certify the CD/DVD reader and writer.

  • Certify USB devices such as the USB CD/DVD reader and writer, USB keyboard, USB web cam, USB hard disk, solid-state storage device, and multimedia card reader.

  • Test CPU, memory, Suspend/Resume, network performance feature, storage performance feature, USB audio device and FMA feature.

  • Certify systems and components for the Oracle Solaris 11 OS.

  • Certify virtual platforms.

  • Certify tape drive devices.

  • Certify external storage devices.

  • Certify FCoE devices.

  • Certify Ethernet network switch

The guide assumes that developers have sufficient knowledge about the Oracle Solaris OS.

Before You Read This Book

Before reading this book, you must be familiar with the following documents to get the release information of the Oracle Hardware Certification Test Suite (Oracle HCTS) application that you have downloaded.

  • Oracle HCTS 5.7 README

  • Oracle HCTS 5.7 Release Notes

If the Oracle Solaris operating environment is not installed on your system, see the installation manual specific to your system before you read this book.

How This Book Is Organized

Here is a list of topics that are covered by the Oracle HCTS User Guide.

Related Documentation

Refer the online help if you are using the graphical user interface (GUI) of Oracle HCTS for certification.

Refer to the man pages for the commands hctscli and hctsclid if you want to use the command line interface (CLI) of Oracle HCTS.

Typographic Conventions

The following table describes the typographic conventions that are used in this book.

Table P-1 Typographic Conventions





The names of commands, files, and directories, and onscreen computer output

Edit your .login file.

Use ls -a to list all files.

machine_name% you have mail.


What you type, contrasted with onscreen computer output

machine_name% su



Placeholder: replace with a real name or value

The command to remove a file is rm filename.


Book titles, new terms, and terms to be emphasized

Read Chapter 6 in the User's Guide.

A cache is a copy that is stored locally.

Do not save the file.

Note: Some emphasized items appear bold online.

Shell Prompts in Command Examples

The following table shows the default UNIX system prompt and superuser prompt for shells that are included in the Oracle Solaris OS. Note that the default system prompt that is displayed in command examples varies, depending on the Oracle Solaris release.

Table P-2 Shell Prompts



Bash shell, Korn shell, and Bourne shell


Bash shell, Korn shell, and Bourne shell for superuser


C shell


C shell for superuser


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