Optional: Configure HTTP Server and Set Additional Performance Parameters Within WebCache

Further configuration steps are to complete the configuration of the Web Tier. First thing to do here is open Oracle Enterprise Manager as before (http://localhost:7001/em). Expand the Web Tier and and right select ohs_adf which is the HTTP Server.

Select Administration followed by mod_wl_ohs Configuration.

Provide the configuration as outlined below where port 7002 is specific to the ADFServer Managed Server. Also provide the JEE Context that was established in the Deployment profile earlier. After Applying these changes, ensure the oracle HTTP Server is restarted. This can be done from within Enterprise Manager by selecting the Oracle HTTP server drop down | Control | Restart option.

Now for some further performance enhancements with WebCache. These configurations take place within Oracle Enterprise Manager. Launch a browser and navigate to http://localhost:7001/em keeping in minding to use the specific port and host name as configured. Expand the Web Tier and righ select webcache_adf which is the WebCache instance. Select Administration | Caching Rules.

Scroll down to Global Caching Rules and select Create.

Enter an appripriate name for the jspx caching rule and ensure Cache and Compress are selected. An appropriate Expiration period can be selected as well. Ensure the URL Expression is selected and the File Extension of .jspx is provided. Select OK when complete.

The caching rule is created and additional rules can be added as required. Ensure that Web Cache is restarted for the new rule to take effect. This can be done by selecting the Web Cache drop down | Control | Restart option.