• 1Setup

    Using npm, run the following commands:

    npm -g install yo bower grunt-cli
    npm -g install generator-oraclejet

    See the Developers Guide for details. Visit OTN for .zip files.

  • 2Create

    After installing the Oracle JET Yeoman generator, you can create a new project with:

    yo oraclejet <project name> --template=navdrawer

  • 3Run

    Once your project has been created, you can serve it by running:

    cd <project name>
    grunt build
    grunt serve

  • 4Explore

    Use the JET Cookbook to quickly copy and paste various UI components into your new project. Learn more by watching the Getting Started video and visiting the Cookbook.

    Use Cookbook
  • 5Go Mobile

    Create a mobile application or take your JET based application to a mobile device:

    npm -g install cordova
    yo oraclejet:hybrid <project name> --platforms=ios|android|windows

    See the Developers Guide for details on developing for mobile hybrid applications.