Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) Bindings Schema for JAXB

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Bindings Schema for JAXB

This Version: February, 2003

Latest Version:

Table of content

  1. Using JAXB Binding Declarations
  2. JAXB Schema Resources

1. Using JAXB Binding Declarations 

Standard JAXB binding declarations are declared in the namespace, The syntax of the binding declarations are specified by the JAXB binding schema. The JAXB binding schema contains a version attribute which indicates the version of the JAXB specification as well as the version of the schema itself.

The file name of the JAXB binding schema contains the specific version of the related specification. This is introduced for convenience to locate specific versions of the schema document. Schemas containing inlined JAXB binding declarations and external;bindings files are not required to refer to the specific version of the file. Instead, an XML schema document referencing the jaxb namespace refers to the logical JAXB namespace,, and specifies the version of the binding schema as is described in the Customization Section of the JAXB specification.

2. JAXB Schema Resources

This table contains the XML Schema components for JAXB.

Date Published File Name Description Status
February 24, 2003 bindingschema_1_0.xsd Binding Schema for JAXB, V1.0 Final Draft
- Common definitions provided and published by W3C -
August 15, 2005 bindingschema_2_0.xsd Binding Schema for JAXB, V2.0 Proposed Final Draft