Viewing Sales History Information Using OracleBI Discoverer Viewer

OracleBI Discoverer Viewer is a lightweight business intelligence tool for end users and data analysts, requiring no other software than a Web browser.

Discoverer Viewer enables business users to analyze data by accessing reports and graphs that have been created by OracleBI Discoverer Plus or Discoverer Desktop. Discoverer Viewer offers an intuitive and easy-to-use way to view reports, and drill, pivot, and export data and graphs. Users can also export this data to a variety of industry-standard and popular formats like XML, CSV, and Microsoft ® Excel, further increasing the visibility of the results of their analysis.

Additionally, with Discoverer Viewer you can embed a report on a standard Web page to integrate business intelligence into your Web site. Its HTML-based Web interface is familiar to anyone who regularly uses a browser to view pages on the Internet (or intranet), and its backbone uses the same high performance, scalable architecture as Discoverer Plus.

In this Oracle by Example focus area, you will learn how to:

Perform sorting, pivoting, formatting, drilling, and stoplighting operations on worksheets
Analyze data by using graphs
Export worksheet to different formats
Work with saved selections in OLAP reports
Unlink and link worksheet layouts

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List of Lessons

Working with Relational Workbooks
Working with OLAP Workbooks