Modifying a JAR File with UI Tools

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This web page shows how to locate a JAR file using the File Browser application, open the JAR file using the Archive Manager application, extract a file by using a drag and drop action, modify the file and replace it with a drag and drop action.

This technique can be used as an alternative to the command line examples shown in the associated tutorial.

Software and Hardware Requirements (Optional)

The following is a list of software requirements:

Editing a the Contents of a JAR File using UI Tools

The example in for this task extracts the files from the OIMUI.jar file, edits the contents of the extracted file, and replaces the same file in the JAR file from which it was extracted. The task are:

  1. Locate the OIMUI.jar file in the File Browser application
  2. Extract the file
  3. Edit the extracted file
  4. Replace the file in the JAR file with the updated version

To complete these tasks, perform the following steps:


On the GNOME Desktop, click Applications > System Tools > File Browser.



In the File Browser window, in Location enter the path, such as /opt/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1/server/apps/oim.ear/iam-consoles-faces.war/WEB-INF/lib in the Location field and press Enter.

Note: Alternatively, you can navigate to the target folder either by expanding entries in the Tree view in the Side panel on the left of the File Browser window, or double-clicking folders located in the right panel of the File Browser window.

Double-click the OIMUI.jar (or the JAR file you wish to modify), as shown in the above image, to open the JAR file in the Archive Manager application.


In the Archive Manager application (OIMUI.jar window in this case), enter the path, such as /oracle/iam/request/agentry/resources/, in the Location field and press Enter. Alternatively, you can navigate to the target folder in the JAR file, similar to the way you navigate folders in the File Browser application.


In the OIMUI.jar Archive Manager window, select and drag the file to be modified, and drop it into a folder in the file system.



In a File Browser window, navigate to the folder where you dropped the file, right-click the file and select Open with "Text Editor". Alternatively, open the file with your preferred text editor application.

Modify the desired properties in the property file, save the changes, and close the editor application window.


To replace the modified file in the OIMUI.jar file, simply drag the modified file from the file system folder into the correct location in the OIMUI.jar Archive Manager window.


Close the Archive Manager application, and delete the modified file from the file system.


The example here shows how to use the GNOME UI tools such as File Manager, Archive Manager, and a Text Editor to modify a file contained in a JAR file as an alternative to using command line instructions. This technique can be applied to any JAR file.