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The Background of User Experience
Find out about the art and science behind creating enterprise application user experiences.

Conversation as User Assistance
By Ultan Ó Broin Mar. 23, 2011

Applications User Experience members (Erika Webb, Laurie Pattison, and Ultan Ó Broin) attended a User Assistance Europe Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. As well as making a big impact, they were impressed with the thought leadership and practical application of ideas in Anne Gentle’s keynote…

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The Link Between User Experience and the 1984 Super Bowl: Macintosh Ads Help Sell ‘Ease of Use’ idea
By Joe Dumas Jul. 20, 2010

The first Macintosh commercial appeared at the 1984 Super Bowl. At that time, people were beginning to purchase home devices with complex controls: VCRs, microwave ovens, phone recorders, and soon, the mobile phone. Consumers were becoming aware of the value…

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Designing With the Customer in Mind: A look at interaction and graphic designs, usability, and user experience
By Joe Dumas Feb. 18, 2010

Consider a customer who is using one of Oracle’s applications, iProcurement, to create a requisition to buy a new printer. The customer moves through the screens to select a printer, decides on a warranty period, enters the location where the printer is to be delivered, and adds toner…

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The Evolution of Usability: How changes in software interfaces have changed the way we work
This book, "A Practical Guide to Usability Testing," is among the pieces written by Joe Dumas, and has been called an industry standard book on usability testing. Dumas also wrote "Designing User Interfaces for Software."
By Aaron Lazenby, Profit Online Sept. 8, 2009

Joseph S. Dumas is a nationally recognized thought leader in user experience methods. Since 1982, he has written books, taught at universities, and consulted for major corporations on the subject of usability. Profit Online spoke with Dumas, now a user interface consultant with Oracle…

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Creating Standards for Usability Test Results
By Anna M. Wichansky Mar. 18, 2009

In the late 1990s, I had the good fortune to be part of a significant joint effort between industry and government to create standards for usability testing. This was called the Industry Usability Reporting Project, or IUsR, and it was run by the National Institutes for Standards and Technology…

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