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Drills and Navigation
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Multi-Target Navigation

Whenever possible, you should set up navigation with two or more distinct target paths. By setting up two paths, you enable users to see where they are about to navigate before they complete the decisive click.

  • Set one of the paths to Detailed Report, which takes the user to a report that shows the most detailed information for the subject area
  • You can set other target paths to business-process-oriented navigations or to different types of analysis that already exist in the dashboard (for example, Top Ns, History, and so on)

  • When you can identify only one target path for navigation, then you should set up a second path with a dummy address and a blank description (a single space, for instance) so that the description for the first real path still shows up in navigation.
Hierarchy Drills

You must test every report for the default hierarchy drills that appear in it. When drills result in wrong reports or bad layouts, you should deactivate them from the column properties in the report.  |  About Oracle  |  Careers  |  Contact Us  |  Legal Notices  |  Terms of Use  |  Your Privacy Rights