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Designing Dashboard Elements
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Dashboards should have footers configured. The configured headers and footers automatically render on the Web interface or when a Dashboard page is exported to PDF via the Print to PDF feature. Basic tags, such as bold, italic, underline, and line break, are supported within this dialog. In addition, users can insert reserved system variables, such as saved name, author name, date, time, page number, and images, directly into the various header and footer text boxes. Specify the Business Intelligence (BI) application version number, dashboard name, page name, and page number as part of the footer.

Specify footer content in the PDF and Print Control properties.

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Step 4

Set the formatting of the footer elements as follows:

  • Font color: #3A5A87
  • Background color: #EAEFF5
  • Border color: #99CCFF
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Include Descriptions of the Functional Purpose of All Dashboard Pages
Provide descriptions for all pages within each dashboard.

Page description example:

To add page descriptions, select Dashboard Properties, Dashboard pages:  |  About Oracle  |  Careers  |  Contact Us  |  Legal Notices  |  Terms of Use  |  Your Privacy Rights