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Messages and Notifications
The Messages and Notifications pattern set helps designers, developers, and project managers effectively use alert, notifications, errors and warnings in various business intelligence (BI) applications.
Alerts and notifications provide high-priority information, real simple syndication (RSS) feeds, reminders, and filtered messages related to the job description and usage pattern of the user. Alerts and notifications usually appear in the top region of any page in the dashboard. These statuary notices are connected between different regions through a localized alert sign that is anchored to the main alert region.
Selection Criteria for This Pattern Return to Top
The following user roles may find the Alerts and Notifications patterns useful:
  1. A CXO-level user (chief executive officer, chief financial officer, etc.) who reviews the overall health of the organization and must be aware of any red flags.
  2. A middle manager (also an analyst) who reviews key metrics, analyzes any problem areas, and acts accordingly.
  3. An analyst (also a process worker) who analyzes organizational metrics and performs data transactions.
  4. A process worker (customer service representative, clerk) who is responsible for analyzing specific metrics and performing transactions.
Required Screen Elements Return to Top

The Alerts and Notifications pattern contains the following screen elements:

Component Type
Required Component
Page Regions
Use page regions to contain any alerts or notifications.

Use icons to highlight any critical alert or system status for a particular row in a grid.

Navigation Links
Use navigation links to navigate to different tabs, open new applications, or open URLs.
Action Links
Use action links for alert-related actions.
Pattern Sample Return to Top

Here is a sample layout using the Alerts and Notifications pattern:

Figure 1: Example of Statuary Alerts within a Permanent Region of the Dashboard

Key Considerations Return to Top
When using the Alerts and Notifications pattern:
  • Refer to the Message and Notifications Guidelines for information about how to compose your information content.
  • Use as few words as possible to accurately describe the situation.
Component Details Return to Top
In general, any alert region is derived from the basic definition of regions or portlets, both of which can be composed of three basic elements (such as a header region, alerts and notification table, and command buttons). You can place an additional fourth component of this alerts and notifications region called the alert anchor in the region or portlet where the message or notification occurs.
Header Region Return to Top
The header region is composed of a title bar, minimize button, and drop-down actions. Usually when the system contains no new alerts, this section is minimized and reveals only the header itself.

Body Content Return to Top
The body discloses the nature of the alert and a summary of the alert in its various contexts.

Command Buttons Return to Top
Command buttons help the user to either proceed or terminate an alert message.

Alert Indicator Return to Top
The alert indicator could appear in a region based on the message or notification generated. The indicator enables users to respond to notifications immediately.  |  About Oracle  |  Careers  |  Contact Us  |  Legal Notices  |  Terms of Use  |  Your Privacy Rights