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The Navigation pattern group contains patterns for dashboard navigation, charts and graphs navigation, and record navigation.
The Drill Down Details pattern enables a user to drill into the details of a particular record in order to view or update the full details for that object in a new page. The user returns to the main summary page and selects another record to update the next object.
Required Screen Elements
Component Type
Required Component
Navigation Links

Links enable users to access a new page or a section within the dashboard. The links can also be used to open external Web sites and documents.


Icons are used as a navigational aid within the dashboard. Icons can also be used to trigger actions defined in the dashboard.

Drop-down Lists

In certain scenarios, drop-down lists play a critical role in grouping a set of navigation links. The lists enable users to save screen areas and provide a logical grouping to the links.

Pattern Sample
In this example, a user drills into the Central Region in the Regional Revenue table. The user is taken to the detail overview page to view/update the full details.

Figure 1: Sample Grid

Figure 2: Details Page for the Selected Record

Sub-menus could also be used to provide options to view multiple kinds of details for the selected records.


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