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How does Oracle define best practices?

What do we mean when we talk about best practices? Oracle has invested time and money into figuring out the best way to do a particular task flow. When we use the term best practices, we are talking about the user experience that Oracle Applications User Experience team members have designed based on their research. To learn more, see these two examples on collaboration and content in context.


Joe Dumas is a recognized expert in the design and evaluation of the user experience to software. He has a doctor’s degree in cognitive psychology and has written three books that illuminate user experience methods for practitioners, one of which is considered a classic in the field. He is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Usability Studies, and in 2012 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the User Experience Professionals Association. He conducted many interviews with developers to understand the requirements for the user experience design patterns available through this section of the Usable Apps website.

Driving design theme: “Glance, scan, commit”
Strategic design philosophy pushes Oracle cloud user experience to lofty new heights
By Kathy Miedema

Simplicity, mobility, and extensibility continue to be driving themes behind the Oracle user experience, but a more focused design philosophy is also pushing the Oracle user experience. You can see the first examples of that philosophy taking shape in the simplified user interface (UI) of Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8.

Content in context
Defining Oracle Applications UX Best Practices:
Keeping Users in the Context of Their Work

By Joe Dumas

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I can’t remember the last step I did,” or, “I am not sure where I am.” These types of experiences became a big problem when application software first made it out of early computer centers, onto screens, and in front of people. Figuring out how the application was organized proved a difficult task for users in the 1980s, and the challenge persists to this day.

Defining Oracle Applications UX Best Practices:
Fostering Collaboration

By Joe Dumas

Building collaboration into a computer user experience, whether it was in the form of assistance or facilitating teamwork, did not happen automatically. Providing opportunities for collaboration is something that grew organically and was only recently recognized as a UX best practice, which is a way of doing things that works best across user roles and tasks. The story of how collaboration became a recognized best practice began decades ago.  |  About Oracle  |  Careers  |  Contact Us  |  Legal Notices  |  Terms of Use  |  Your Privacy Rights