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How do I speed this up?

Use the Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) design patterns to increase your own productivity, and to easily add built-in best practices to your own customizations and extensions.

How to Use UX Design Patterns

• Sketch user tasks as wireframes
• Apply UX patterns/guidelines
• Agree on solution
• Build application


The Oracle Applications User Experience team enables application developers to build modern and compelling applications for today’s enterprise workers with user experience (UX) design patterns. Use Oracle’s shared science and artistry for desktop or simplified application user interfaces, or mobile applications, when building and using applications in the cloud or locally.

What are UX design patterns?
UX design patterns are common, reusable solutions for the usability challenges developers might have — with a neutral look and feel. The Applications User Experience design patterns available here reflect usability best practices. Combined with the flexibility of Oracle technology and consumerization in the enterprise, these blueprints bring the Oracle Applications user experience to life — and they are available for free.

Why should you use UX design patterns?
The UX design patterns have been proven with real users, while they were performing real tasks, in real scenarios. For Oracle ADF developers, this out-of-the-box usability provides an opportunity for increased productivity and the ability to concentrate on other enterprise requirements, such as applications security, integration, and performance.

Developers and partners can add proven functionality and a user experience roadmap as well, by using UX design patterns based on optimized user interfaces for cloud data. Customers and users require less training on applications that use UX design patterns, which are based on consistent, familiar usability for applications users.

How do you use UX design patterns?
Add the UX design patterns and guidelines to the enterprise applications development process, to tailor applications and for partner integrations. The design filter tool selects the most suitable pattern for users and tasks, helping developers build applications quickly. All developers need to do is apply the required screen elements and described task flow interactions, using Oracle ADF components and Oracle JDeveloper, or other tool kits.  |  About Oracle  |  Careers  |  Contact Us  |  Legal Notices  |  Terms of Use  |  Your Privacy Rights