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FOR DEVELOPERS: Getting Started

Want to build or tailor your Oracle Applications on desktop or on mobile platforms? This page provides a starting point, no matter where your developer skill level is. Read more to find out why this is a good place to start, what tools you need, and how to use Oracle’s user experience (UX) design patterns. Let us help you complete your project efficiently and effectively.


How do I get started?

What tools should you use? What does Oracle use to build the components in its user experience (UX) design patterns? What are design patterns, and how can they help you complete your project more efficiently? Get started with the answers to these questions and more.

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How does Oracle define best practices?

Best practices are when we can tap into all of the things our customers are doing on their devices, and leverage them in an enterprise application. We define best practices based on research we’ve done with Oracle customers. Learn more about best practices in action with examples on putting content in context, and fostering collaboration.

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Read about successful implementations that used Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) design patterns. Oracle customers, as well as Oracle’s own developers, have used UX design patterns to build in best practices from the beginning, and they’ve saved time and money doing it.

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How do I learn what users really want?

Learn how to incorporate the Oracle Apps UX design process, and use our tool kit, to increase customer satisfaction as you implement your own customizations and extensions.

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How do I speed this up?

Use the Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) design patterns to increase your own productivity, and to easily add built-in best practices to your own customizations and extensions.

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Joe Dumas

Joe Dumas is a recognized expert in the design and evaluation of the user experience to software. He has a doctor’s degree in cognitive psychology and has written three books that illuminate user experience methods for practitioners, one of which is considered a classic in the field. He is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Usability Studies, and in 2012 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the User Experience Professionals Association. He conducted many interviews with developers to understand the requirements for the user experience design patterns available through this section of the Usable Apps website.  |  About Oracle  |  Careers  |  Contact Us  |  Legal Notices  |  Terms of Use  |  Your Privacy Rights