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Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience Patterns and Guidelines
May 07, 2014

The Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience design patterns and guidelines are the same scientifically proven and reusable usability solutions that Oracle uses to build Oracle Fusion Applications. We're sharing these solutions to enable Oracle customers and partners to design and tailor their own modern and visually compelling application user experience using Oracle Fusion Middleware.

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Simplified UI in Oracle Fusion Applications Fronts Oracle Cloud Offerings
By Kathy Miedema July 23, 2013

The next evolution of the Oracle user experience—the simplified user interface for Oracle Applications Cloud—embraces three themes that are increasingly important for today’s productive users: simplicity, mobility, and extensibility. The innovative design relies on elegantly simple designs, smooth transitions to mobile platforms …

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Oracle's Roadmap to a Simple, Modern User Experience for Oracle Fusion Applications
Jeremy Ashley Feb. 18, 2013

Hear about the simple, modern Oracle user experience from Jeremy Ashley, vice president of the Oracle Applications User Experience team. In particular, learn more about the new entry experience of Oracle Fusion Applications.


User Experience, Mobile Strategies Define Focus for Oracle Enterprise Apps
By Kathy Miedema Jan. 2, 2013

User experience and mobile. These two themes are guiding many of the innovations coming across Oracle’s enterprise software product lines. Both were among the top highlights at OpenWorld 2012 across all Oracle enterprise applications conference sessions. … 

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Oracle Fusion Applications CRM Helps Drive Sales with Sharp, Practical User Experience
By Kathy Miedema June 22, 2012

In the customer relationship management (CRM) space, it’s all about the sale. So in developing Oracle Fusion Applications CRM, a next-generation enterprise application for CRM, it was—naturally—all about supporting the person behind the sale: the one making the deal. …

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Oracle Fusion Applications Transforms Oracle Support
By Richard Bingham and Misha Vaughan Jun. 5, 2012

When Oracle embarked on designing the next generation of enterprise applications, rethinking the user experience from top to bottom was a priority, and you can see that today in any demonstration of Oracle Fusion Applications. What people often miss, however, is that this willingness to reinvent …

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Easy Tailoring in Oracle Fusion Applications Sets Stage for Better User Experience
By Kathy Miedema May 4, 2012

New possibilities for doing more with less, and doing it safely, are the guiding principles behind tailoring in Oracle Fusion Applications. An improved user experience in this new generation of enterprise software extends to all types of customizations, which can be made quickly, easily, and with confidence…

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The Story Behind Oracle Fusion Applications’ Extraordinary User Experience
By Kathy Miedema May 4, 2012

The Oracle Fusion Applications’ user experience had a deceptively simple beginning, really. It all started with one Oracle acquisition. …

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Design Process for Oracle Fusion Applications Creates New Standard for User Experience
By Kathy Miedema Apr. 3, 2012

The innovations around the process of building Oracle Fusion Applications aren’t just on the outside, where customers can see and experience them. Oracle has had many opportunities to give the inner workings of Fusion Applications a lift in quality as well, as shown through the consistency…

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Better Control Defines Financials User Experience of Oracle Fusion Applications
By Kathy Miedema Aug. 26, 2011

“Desktop integration” is a big part of the buzz about Fusion Applications. What does that mean for users of financial applications? It means that the Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team has worked to ensure that important tools, including spreadsheets and other features that are vital…

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Collaboration, Customization Propel New Oracle Fusion User Assistance
By Kathy Miedema Jun. 27, 2011

User assistance – where people go for help as they use an application – has evolved into something far different in Oracle Fusion Applications. …

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Oracle Tests Mobile Portrait Gallery for Oracle Fusion Applications at OHUG
By Teena Singh Jun. 21, 2011

It’s all around us: People are chatting away on their cell phones at Starbucks while sipping on a latte, firing off text messages while waiting in the express lane at Safeway, or checking e-mail on a smart phone while riding the elevator up to the office. This is a fast-paced, information-driven world…

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Easy Access a Cornerstone to Oracle Fusion Applications HCM User Experience
By Kathy Miedema Jun. 13, 2011

With Fusion Applications, Oracle fundamentally changes a fragmented, frustrating work situation. Users of Human Capital Management (HCM) software often must bounce around between applications, searching diligently for the right information about employees. They may spend a lot of their time…

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Oracle Fusion Applications Adds Collaboration Tools to Workplace Software
By Kathy Miedema Mar. 2, 2011

Turning Web 2.0 features into Enterprise 2.0 tools that enable social networking, tagging, and other collaborative actions from the consumer world have come with a lot of surprises. The Oracle Applications User Experience team has spent the last few years figuring out how to resolve…

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User Input Key to the Success of Oracle Fusion Applications
By Alan Joch Dec. 18, 2010

The ability for Oracle Fusion Applications to create a more flexible and productive user experience wouldn’t have been possible without extensive feedback from end users. “It is very important to us to truly understand what our users do on a day-to-day basis,” says Steve Miranda, vice president of applications development at Oracle…

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Customer Site Visits Establish Foundation for Oracle Fusion Applications
By Deanna Novak, Kathy Miedema Nov. 10, 2010

We couldn’t have built Oracle Fusion Applications without our customers. We are Applications User Experience, the group within Oracle that works to ensure Oracle applications are user-friendly and fit customer needs. A major part of the team’s primary focus during the past several years…

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Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience White Papers
By Anna M. Wichansky  

The Applications User Experience group has created a series of white papers to better communicate the world-class user experience features of the Oracle Fusion Applications, and to describe the process we used to design them.  These papers not only explain why the Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience…

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