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Customer Role: How User Experience Research Is Conducted
Oracle listens and engages with our Applications Unlimited customers in improving our end user experience.

Intense Research into Mobile Users Helps Guide Design of Oracle Applications
By Kathy Miedema Feb. 11, 2013

Mobile devices are changing the face of enterprise applications. And Oracle is staying at the front of this trend by investing in studies that research how and why people are using their mobile devices—whether the devices are smartphones, tablets, or a combination of devices. …

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Adding Gamification into the Oracle User Experience
By Erika Webb Jan. 2, 2013

The new buzzword in the business world is gamification. Recently, members of the Oracle Applications User Experience team have actively explored gamification and its uses in the enterprise work space. Team members have conducted research and run focus groups to better understand… 

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Brainstorming on Data Visualization: Starting an Ongoing, Open-Ended Conversation
By Teena Singh November 21, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words… but who knew Oracle’s visual components could start an ongoing, open-ended conversation? That is precisely what happened when Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) User Experience (UX) team conducted a ..

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The Customer Site Visit: Getting To Know Our Users Better
By Joyce Ohgi Apr. 13, 2010

A couple of years ago, I went to Montana as part of an effort to improve Oracle’s financial applications. Montana’s state government uses Oracle software to manage its financials, and along with other researchers, designers, and strategists, I went to listen to and observe the people…

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Dishing Up a Delectable User Experience for Applications Customers
By Kathy Miedema July 15, 2009

When you think about Oracle Applications, a delicious meal is unlikely to come to mind -- but perhaps it should. The way Oracle’s Patanjali Venkatacharya explains it, someone dining on fine French food and someone using an enterprise application have a lot in common. And here’s why…

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Before, During, and After a Customer Feedback Session
By Teena Singh Mar. 18, 2009

The Oracle Applications User Experience team traveled to Birmingham, England, to conduct onsite product usability tests in December 2008 at the UK Oracle User Group Conference (UK OUG). We knew many European customers would be at the conference and thought it would be…

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Going Native to Understand Mobile Workers
By Lynn Rampoldi-Hnilo Mar. 18, 2009

It has become increasingly important to better understand the mobile environment of today’s workforce, and to understand how people are using mobile devices, in which contexts, and how they may be using such technologies in unanticipated ways…

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Collecting User Data at Oracle
By Jatin Thaker Mar. 18, 2009

At Oracle, we believe in getting our user interface designs right. To accomplish this, we ask users about their wants and needs, and we observe them using existing and proposed software. A variety of users, including customers, partners, and end users, are involved depending on the product…

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Lessons from Vegas: Gathering Customer Feedback at a User Conference
By Teena Singh Mar. 18, 2009

Recently, Oracle’s HCM UX team, or Human Capital Management user experience team, conducted a set of Customer Feedback Sessions on Fusion prototypes at a user conference in Las Vegas. It was an immense undertaking, and well worth the effort. The team gathered critical feedback…

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What Your Eyes Tell User Experience Professionals About Design
By Joe Goldberg Mar. 18, 2009

“Eye tracking” is an important new usability research tool that enables Oracle Applications User Experience team members to determine where a user’s visual attention is focused during online tasks. This information helps drive interface design decisions, so that tasks can be completed…

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Listening To Our Customers: User-Centered Design in Action
By Teena Singh Mar. 16, 2009

Oracle’s user experience team, or UX team, subscribes to a user-centered design philosophy, where the wants and needs of the user are given attention at every stage of the design process. The team members know that by observing and listening to Oracle’s users, we will be able to create…

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