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25TH ACM UIST Symposium


October 7 – 10, 2012
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Adding Structured Data in Unstructured Web Chat Conversation

Presenters: Min Wu, Senior Interaction Designer, Oracle Application User Experience

Web chat is becoming the primary customer contact channel in customer relationship management (CRM), and Question/Answer/Lookup (QAL) is the dominant communication pattern in CRM agent-to-customer chat. Text-based web chat for QAL has two main usability problems. Chat transcripts between agents and customers are not tightly integrated into agent-side applications, requiring customer service agents to re-enter customer typed data. Also, sensitive information posted in chat sessions in plain text raises security concerns. The addition of web form widgets to web chat not only solves both of these problems but also adds new usability benefits to QAL. Forms can be defined beforehand or, more flexibly, dynamically composed. Two preliminary user studies were conducted. An agent-side study showed that adding inline forms to web chat decreased overall QAL completion time by 47 percent and increased QAL accuracy by removing all potential human errors. A customer-side study showed that web chat with inline forms is intuitive to customers.

Session: Tutorials & Learning
Date: Monday, October 8, 2012
Time: 14:20-16:00
Location: TBD





















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