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MobileHCI 2013

MobileHCI 2013

August 27 – 30, 2013
Munich, Germany

Giving Voice to Enterprise Mobile Applications

Chaya Bijani
Chaya Bijani

Presenter: Chaya Bijani, Senior Usability Engineer, Oracle

Speech technology is gaining popularity and is used in a wide range of mobile applications and consumer devices. Speech-based interfaces circumvent the typing difficulties posed by soft keyboards. Oracle Voice is a Siri-like virtual assistant that sales representatives can use to record sales activity in their system, with minimal effort, right after a meeting . Its multimodal, hands-free, eyes-free features make it easy to use in any type of environment – in the car, on the road, at a coffee shop, and more.

This paper describes the design and research of a speech-based interface for an enterprise sales application that combines speech recognition, natural-language processing, and web services to drive the application.

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