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AMIS and Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) Expo

AMIS and OAUX Expo

March 18, 2014
AMIS offices
Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Live demos and inspiring talksLinkedIn

Join Jeremy Ashley, Vice President, Oracle Applications User Experience, and a team of user experience (UX) specialists to see the future of user interface design and enterprise software usability.

Through conversations, presentations and live demonstrations, get an exclusive preview of new concepts and fresh thinking that will define user-interface design, man-machine interaction, and usability. Some are forward-thinking concepts that push the envelope, others are solutions nearing production or already available. Everything you’ll see will showcase themes of simplicity, mobility, and extensibility.

The day is organized as a “walk in, be welcome and enjoy yourselves” format. We open our doors at 12:00 and close up at 20:00. An average visit will probably last 2 hours. You can wander around a dozen different working demos, including robotic arms, Google Glass and various tablets. You will obtain inside knowledge from the actual R&D specialists themselves. You can walk into short lectures that will provide a broader context. Senior AMIS consultants will provide analysis on how this influences today’s application development.

Enter the Secret Chamber
For those who want to experience the full user experience, there is also a Secret Chamber. Here, Oracle Corporation allows you, under a formal non-disclosure agreement, to see forward-looking concepts that are in exploration. These ideas may never reach production or may end up looking very differently. To sign up for the Secret Chamber, send an email to We will provide you with a formal non-disclosure agreement and an assigned slot.

Lecture schedule
Parallel to the demo stations, you can attend 25 lectures by prominent UX professionals from a wide spectrum of expertise. Go to the lecture schedule to see what is offered.

Information in perspective
During the course of the day, we will slightly increase the depth of technological discussion. If you are interested at a managerial or architectural level, you are welcome during the afternoon. If you are a developer, you will find the discussions in the early evening more to your liking.

Feel welcome, enjoy the atmosphere, be amazed and get inspired
Normally, the work done in research and development of high tech companies is shrouded in secrecy. Oracle Corporation is unique that it showcases its thought leadership, over in the Netherlands. AMIS and Oracle invite you free of charge. Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to be a leader for your end user community, be inspired, enjoy the experience and have fun.

To attend, please register.

Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. — 8:00 p.m.
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