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Members of the Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team are constantly creating and participating in outreach opportunities and attending events, where they talk about and show the Oracle user experience.

Events and Outreach

Check for an Oracle user group conference near you to hear presentations on trends and strategy in the Oracle user experience, to see our demos, and to participate in a feedback session at our onsite labs.

 Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) Speakers
The Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team has partnered with a subset of UX-trained Oracle ACE Directors and Oracle sales consultants. These OAUX speakers receive ongoing, unique, and unparalleled training from the Oracle Applications User Experience team to deliver presentations about the Oracle user experience.

Each of these speakers are committed to spreading the word about the Oracle user experience, and they customize the Oracle user experience message for their particular technology focus, be it applications, database, or middleware.

You can catch their presentations at user group conferences around the world, or request a presentation for your local group directly. Check the Usable Apps Events page for upcoming presentations by members of this group at a user group conference near you.

 Usability Advisory Board
The Oracle Usability Advisory Board (OUAB) is a Customer Advisory Board which aims to bring enterprise software usability to a whole new level through industry, government, and university collaboration. This working board approaches usability topics on a macro level to determine and influence industry trends. It reviews and provides feedback on future technologies and products, shares best practices, and develops use cases, industry guidelines, standards, and requirements. The Usability Board consists of Oracle’s most involved Applications customers, who are willing to work on joint usability projects with Oracle’s User Experience groups.

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