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Oracle Developer Day

Oracle Developer Day

April 29, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico

Noel Portugal Noel Portugal
Noel Portugal Rafa Belloni

Designing Tablet UIs Using ADF - Introduction to the Simplified UI Design Patterns Starter Kit

Presenter: Noel Portugal, Manager, Applications User Experience, Oracle; Rafael Nicolas Rocha de Belloni, Senior User Experience Design Developer, Applications User Experience, Oracle

If you are looking to build a cloud-friendly tablet user experience, look no further than Oracle’s new simplified UI. Developed with simplicity and cross-platform compatibility in mind, it’s now also a source of inspiration for any IT team looking to build their own tablet UI. Oracle will be making available the user experience design patterns behind the simplified UI, and optimized for ADF.

Wearables Technology at Work: Small Data Means Better Business

Noel Portugal
Noel Portugal

Presenter: Noel Portugal, Manager, Applications User Experience, Oracle

Wearable technology – such as glasses with heads-up displays, smart watches, and wristbands with sensors, cameras, GPS, and voice functionality – offers exciting opportunities in the enterprise. Using wearables such as Google Glass or the Pebble smart watch, we can enhance tasks that people love doing in work and automate tasks that they don’t love, and integrate the experience with other applications and data in the cloud. This presentation explains wearables, demonstrates innovative examples from Oracle of the wearables user experience in the world of work, and shares the design principles.  |  About Oracle  |  Careers  |  Contact Us  |  Legal Notices  |  Terms of Use  |  Your Privacy Rights