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The Form pattern set presents data in an organized manner, enabling users to view and modify it quickly.
Patterns Contained in This Set
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Input Form The Input Form pattern enables users to enter new or edit existing information.
Read-Only Form The Read-Only Form pattern presents information that is comprised of read-only text field labels and data values.
Pattern Set Decision Table
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Input Form
Read-Only Form

Does the default view of the form enable data input or editing?



How many fields does your page contain?

~ 10 or less

Single container with no separators

Single container with separators
~ 3 or less

What is the main use?

Capture data

Review data

Key Considerations
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  • Data entry is difficult on mobile applications. Minimize the amount of input required when designing your form.
  • Consider defaulting data based on location, photos, and recently accessed data.
  • For example, instead of requiring a user to enter a starting address when retrieving driving directions, enable the application to default the current location based on GPS location data. Or enable a time entry application to "punch the clock" for a user who shows up at a job site at a specific location.

  • The page is easier to read when related fields are grouped into sections and additional details are summarized and available on a separate screen.
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