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The input form enables users to enter new or edit existing information.
Pattern Set Decision Table
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Input Form
Read-Only Form

Does the default view of the form enable data input or editing?



How many fields does your page contain?

~ 10 or less

Single container with no separators

Single container with separators
~ 3 or less

What is the main use?

Capture data

Review data

Pattern Sample: Input Form
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The Input Form pattern can contain up to 10 fields. In addition to input fields, the form can also contain read-only data.

Input Form Design
Figure 1. Input form
Required Screen Elements
Component Type Required Components Customizable or Extendable Components
Page Header design pattern See Page Header pattern  
Input Form pattern
  • Field text labels
  • Data entry fields
Read-only data value

Key Considerations
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  • Data entry is difficult on mobile applications. Minimize the amount of input required when designing your form.
  • Consider defaulting data based on location, photos, and recently accessed data.
  • For example, instead of requiring a user to enter a starting address when retrieving driving directions, enable the application to default the current location based on GPS location data. Or enable a time entry application to "punch the clock" for a user who shows up at a job site at a specific location.

  • Provide read-only text if it helps provide context to the form.

Interaction Examples
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This flow shows how a user can drill down to contact details and edit that detail with the input form.
Edit Contact Flow
Figure 2. Edit contact flow
On Device Examples
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Here are some edit examples taken from Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales.
iPhone Edit Example
Figure 3. iPhone
Blackberry Bold Example
Figure 4. Blackberry Bold

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