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The Categories/Items pattern is appropriate when the user needs to drill down through a hierarchy of categories presented as images or text links. The item appears with detailed information.

Pattern Set Decision Table
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  Categories/Items Categories/Items
As Table
Categories As
an Accordion
How many levels of hierarchy for categories exist? 3 2 3
What is the maximum number of levels that appear in one view? 3 3 3
Is a description required for categories? Yes Yes No
Do items appear in the first level? Yes Yes Yes
What is the maximum number of categories allowed to appear in one view? 1-2 1-2 3-4
Can you select and act on multiple items? No Yes No
Pattern Samples
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High-Level Categories Displayed as Images

Categories at this level can also be presented in text form.

Figure 1. Categories presented as images
Required Screen Elements
Component Type Mandatory Components Customizable/Extendable Components
Page Title

Use this format: <Category Name>

For example: Software

Layout NA Categories and items may appear on the same page using downstream partial page refresh.
Links and Images Categories appear as links.
  • Images can be used above links for visual representation.
  • The number of subcategories can be provided alongside the category name (for example, Phones (35)).

A Single Category with Respective Items Listed

Items belonging to the category are listed in the form of text. Navigation to peer categories can be included to enable cross-navigating.

Figure 2. Listed category items in text form

Item Displayed with Details

Figure 3. An item with details
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Headers Guidelines relating to the use of page headers (as well as subheaders and sub-subheaders)
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