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This pattern describes how email notifications are automatically generated from the online version of workflow task detail pages. This pattern applies to all types of workflow task detail pages: approvals, requests for action, and information only.
Pattern Details
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Section 1: Email Content

Description of how the email content is generated by the system.

Section 2: Task Actions in Email

Description of how workflow task actions are supported in email.
Email Content
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Workflow tasks are routed to participants through email. The workflow system automatically converts the online task details page to a read-only version and routes it to the assignees. The primary actions, such as a Approve or Reject, appear as links enabling users to take action directly from email messages. Secondary actions like Request Information and Ad Hoc Route are available only in the online version.

As shown in figure 1, the email version includes:

  • General instructions
  • Link to the BPM Worklist application where the user can find the online version of the task
  • Task action links
  • Read-only version of the content of the task details page
  • Documents as email attachments
  • Images in the task body as attachments so that the notification can be viewed in disconnected mode

The contents of the task details page is limited to the following ADF components so that this page can render properly in an email client:

  • document
  • panelHeader
  • panelFormLayout
  • panelGroupLayout
  • panelList
  • spacer
  • showDetailHeader
  • inputText (renders as readOnly)
  • inputComboBoxListOfValues (renders as readOnly)
  • inputNumberSlider (renders as readOnly)
  • inputNumberSpinbox (renders as readOnly)
  • inputRangeSlider (renders as readOnly)
  • outputText
  • selectOneChoice (renders as readOnly)
  • panelLabelAndMessage
  • image
  • table
  • column
  • goLink (renders as text)
  • commandImageLink (renders as text)
  • commandLink (renders as text)
  • goImageLink (renders as text)
Figure 1. Sample approval task details page (online)
Figure 2. Sample approval notification (email)
Task Actions in Email Message
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When the user clicks an action in an email notification, an email reply is generated with sections for the user to complete. The user can enter comments to accompany an action within the body of the message.
Email approval
Figure 3. Approving from an email
Email rejection
Figure 4. Rejecting from an email
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