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Workflow tasks are those routed and tracked to completion by the system. Workflow tasks that require human intervention are directed through the appropriate users in the form of approvals, requests for action, and information only. Workflow can also trigger notifications to route tasks to the user through external channels, such as email.

This pattern set addresses how users access workflow tasks and notifications in Oracle Fusion, the page structure and components to be used in task and notification detail pages, and the base components that can be embedded in other contexts when appropriate. An important goal of this pattern set is to ensure consistency across the Oracle Fusion Applications by providing a common page structure to be followed by all teams when designing and developing their task and notification pages.

This pattern set relies on the framework provided by the Human Workflow Service Component of the Oracle Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Suite.

Patterns Contained in This Group  
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Workflow Task Page Details Pattern Group: Approvals, Request for Action and Information Only

Workflow tasks that require human intervention are presented to the user in a task details page. This pattern set describes the page structure to be followed when designing approval, request for action, and information only task detail pages.

Worklist Tables Pattern Set

Worklist tables are be used in dashboards and work areas to display a list of workflow tasks relevant to a particular user. This pattern set describes the available options.

History and Participant List

This pattern describes two components that support tabular and graphical views. The action history displays the full list of participants, including those who have already taken action, as well as those participants who are still in the queue. The tabular view provides optional editing features based on user privileges. The participant list is a version of the action history list that is used to display who the task will be routed to before the task is initiated. The participant list also includes editing features based on user privileges.

Workflow Task Actions This pattern describes the different types of workflow task actions and how they are presented to the user in task detail pages and worklist tables.
Email Notifications This pattern describes how email notifications are automatically generated from the online version of the task detail pages (approvals, request for action, and information only).
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There are nine worklist servers in Oracle Fusion, one per domain. The Worklist servers appear in a dialog box accessible through the Servers option from the View menu of the federated Worklist on the Oracle Fusion Applications Home page. The dialog box provides links to launch the BPM Worklist application for the corresponding server. Note that the server configuration may vary by customer implementation. Here are the worklist servers:

  1. Customer Relationship Management
  2. Financials
  3. Human Capital Management
  4. Identity Management
  5. Incentive Compensation
  6. Setup and Maintenance
  7. Supply Chain Management
  8. Procurement
  9. Projects

Human tasks are presented to the user by leveraging the Worklist table component and the BPM Worklist application provided by the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) team.

  • Federated Worklist
    The federated version of the Worklist table appears in the Welcome tab of the Oracle Fusion Applications Home page. This table includes all currently open tasks for a given user across all Oracle Fusion worklist servers.
  • Domain-Specific Worklist (non-federated)
    A filtered down version of the Worklist table may optionally be included in work area overview pages. For example, the Time Management work area may have a Worklist table filtered down to tasks of timecard approval type only. This type of Worklist displays tasks from a single worklist server.
  • BPM Worklist Application
    This standalone application provides access to all human tasks for a given user or group, open or closed. This application also supports vacation rules, saved views, and automatic approval rules, among other features.
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  • Each task (when its title is clicked) opens in its own modal browser window without the Oracle Fusion global region.
  • The full BPM Worklist application opens in its own browser window when the user selects a server from the Servers option under the View menu.
  • Any links in the task detail page launch in a new browser window. If there are multiple links on the task detail page, each link will launch in its own new browser window. For example: clicking the View requisition details link will open another browser window (figure 4).
Fusion Home
Figure 1. Oracle Fusion Applications Home page with the federated worklist dashboard region
Fusion Home
Figure 2. Open approval task details page
Fusion Home
Figure 3. Accessing the Oracle BPM Worklist application
Fusion Home
Figure 4. Requisition details in a new browser with the Oracle Fusion global region
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