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The Pooling pattern set enables users to collect items from single or multiple sources using searches or browsing. Pooled items are added into a single set so that users can apply one or more actions on the selected group. These patterns do not describe how to move items from one repository to another.

Patterns Contained in This Set
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Contextual Container Pool Use this pattern to add objects into a pool located in the contextual area of the framework.
Shuttle Pool Use this pattern to move objects into a pool using the shuttle component.
Page Pool Use this pattern to add objects into a pool located on a new page.
Pattern Set Decision Table
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Container Pool
Shuttle Pool
Page Pool
Should the pooled content appear persistently? Yes No No
Does the user need to see all of the selected items at one time? No Yes Yes
Is iterative searching required? Yes Yes No
Is compact presentation of the pooled objects required? Yes No No
Is the pooled content maintained over sessions? Yes No Yes
Does the user need to edit the contents of the pooled container? No Yes Yes
Does the user need to see the recently added item in the context of the complete list of pooled items? No Yes Yes
Related Patterns
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Transactional Search and Results Pattern used to search for objects and viewing results in a table component
Browse Pattern used to browse for objects to add to a pool
Related Guidelines
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