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There are two major categories of search: global and transactional. Global search is located at the top of the page and enables users to search multiple data sources and business objects from a single user interface (UI). Global search does not search live data, but rather searches an index that is created periodically by web crawlers.

This pattern set addresses only transactional search. Transactional search comprises SQL-based queries run against the same tables used for data entry. The results of transactional searches are against live data, so there is no time lag between when a change to a record is committed and when it becomes searchable.

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Search These UI design patterns enable users to perform a real-time search of Oracle Fusion Applications business objects using Application Development Framework (ADF) Query.
Search Results These UI design patterns enable users to display search results for Oracle Fusion Applications business objects using the ADF Table.
Shortcutting This pattern provides a means for users to skip directly to a record when only one result is found when conducting a search.

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Figure 1. Location of transactional search in the application framework
Key Differences Between Transactional and Global Search
  Transactional Global

Location within UI Framework Page

Regional or local area

Global area



Potentially stale; index must be refreshed periodically

Data Source

Live tables representing one Oracle Fusion Applications business object at a time

Multiple Oracle Fusion Applications business objects, reports and business intelligence metadata, user assistance documentation, and Web Center group space pages, discussions, and tags

Search Results

Local area and dialog box

Global dialog box

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