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Transactional Search and Results Pattern Group

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The scope of a single transactional search panel is limited to one business object and provides a view of up-to-date data pulled from live tables. Transactional search is located either within the local area of the UI Shell or at the top of the local area. All Search patterns can be used in conjunction with the Search Multiple Objects pattern.

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  Local Area:
Quick Search
Local Area:
Multiple Criteria

Location within UI framework page

Local area Local area
Number of search fields 1 5+

User type

Casual or experienced Casual or experienced

Search conditions

Yes Yes
Do users run the same search frequently (for example, saved searches) No Yes
Are searches typically run by specifying a single search criterion? Yes No

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The following table shows which search and search results combinations are valid:

  Local Area:
No Tabs Work Area
Local Area:
Dynamic Tabs Work Area
Dialog Box
Local Area: Quick Search Yes Yes No
Local Area: Multiple Criteria Yes Yes No

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Search Multiple Objects Place an object selector above a search panel to enable users to search for more than one business object. Users can search for one object type at a time.
Search Results Search results are presented after a user runs a transactional search.
Shortcutting Use shortcutting as an alternative to search results when the user can search by a unique identifier to yield a single result.
Saved Searches Saved searches can appear in the absence of a search region if users need multiple views of a table but are unlikely to edit the search criteria.
Table Filters Filters on the search results table that can be used in conjunction with or instead of a search region.

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Search and Query Usage guideline Guidelines for desiging search UIs and using the ADF Query component
Hierarchy Search guideline Guidelines for designing hierarchical search conditions and UI designs for displaying search results in a Tree Table.
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