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Use the Table Filters pattern set when users are likely to edit three or fewer search criteria, but do not require a full search user interface (UI). Table filters can also be used with a full search UI, especially when the search UI can be hidden. Use both only when users expect to run one large or costly search, then refine their results using table filters.

Filters select only rows. They do not affect the columns. There are two types of table filters:

  • Toolbar Filters
  • Query by Example (QBE)
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Toolbar Filters A choice list or other standard web widget located on the primary or secondary toolbar.
Query By Example (QBE) A text box located above a column and below the toolbar. The QBE fields are hidden until a user clicks the QBE toolbar icon button.
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  Toolbar Filters QBE
Does a filter need to be applied to only one column? No Yes
Must the filter always be visible? Yes No
Is the user typically an expert? No Yes
Matching Table Filters with Related Patterns
The following table shows which table filters and related patterns combinations are valid:
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  Toolbar Filters
Primary Toolbar
Toolbar Filters
Secondary Toolbar
Transactional Search pattern set Yes Yes Yes
Scrolling Column Groups Yes No Yes
Display Column Groups: Tab Equivalents Yes No Yes
Display Column Groups: Submenu Yes Yes Yes
Saved Searches: Choice List Yes Yes Yes
Saved Searches: Tab Equivalents Yes Yes Yes
Saved Searches: Saved Searches Submenu Yes Yes Yes
Related Patterns Return to Top
Transactional Search Pattern set used to select a user interface (UI) for search limited to one business object
Saved Searches Pattern set used to select different saved searches by using the View menu, tab equivalents, or a choice list.
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Search and Query Usage guideline Usage and behavior of ADF Query and Quick Query
Table Usage guidelines: Table Elements Detailed descriptions of the elements that can be used in each region of a table
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