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Working Groups

The Oracle Usability Advisory Board currently supports seven working groups, based on the issues that board members have articulated since first meeting in 2008. These groups conduct breakout sessions at board meetings, as well as web conferences, surveys, and other activities between meetings. All working groups have one or more Oracle facilitators, who organize activities and report to the board at large. The current active working groups are:


UX Direct

Business Process Modeling Working Group  New for 2014

Facilitator: Janine Erb, Senior Director, Fusion Development Management. Janine leads a central team responsible for defining processes and deliverables to enable the Oracle Fusion Applications development organization to productively deliver quality applications code in a predictable time frame.

Charter: The Business Process Modeling Working Group provides opportunities for customers to learn, validate, and ultimately improve the real-world practicality of the business process reference models that the Oracle Fusion Applications development team uses to plan, design, test, communicate, and support Oracle Fusion Applications.

Madhuri Kolhatkar
Janine Erb

UX Direct

UX Direct Working Group 

Facilitator: Madhuri Kolhatkar, Director, Customer and User Experience Management 

Charter: UX Direct is a program introduced by the Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team to provide user experience best practices to our consultants, customers, and partners to make enterprise software implementations easy to use. The goal of this program is to introduce user-centered designs into the enterprise implementation cycle and improve user adoption of our applications.

Madhuri Kolhatkar
Madhuri Kolhatkar


Visualization Working Group

Facilitator: Sherry Mead, Architect, User Experience

Charter: The Visualization Working Group provides opportunities for customers to see the latest visualizations Oracle teams are producing, and to review and provide input on Oracle products and research projects that will use those visualizations. Projects include new report formats and interaction models, new graph types, a framework for building custom visualizations, and semantic analysis and visualization tools.

Sherry Mead
Sherry Mead


Globalization UX Working Group

Facilitator: Laurie Pattison, Senior Director Applications User Experience.  Laurie leads the team based in Guadalajara, Mexico, that is responsible for technical prototyping of new interactions, as well as the team focusing on the User Assistance model and Gamification for Oracle Fusion Applications.

Laurie Pattison
Laurie Pattison

User Engagement

User Engagement, Motivation and Assistance Working Group

Facilitator: Erika Webb, Senior Manager, Applications User Experience. Her team is responsible for the research, design patterns, and guidelines for end-user help and messages for Oracle Fusion Applications, as well as innovations into user assistance. Erika leads gamification efforts at Oracle for Fusion Applications, and has been conducting research on gamification, digital natives/millennials, comics as user assistance, and the use of infographics to convey information.

Erika Webb
Erika Webb

Emerging UX

Emerging User Experience Working Group

Facilitator: Thao B. Nguyen, Senior Manager, Emerging Interactions Team, Applications User Experience. Thao leads her team in exploring emerging technology and design trends.

Charter: The charter of this group is to identify customer needs and issues regarding new technologies and tools that are emerging in the marketplace.

Thao B. Nguyen
Thao B. Nguyen

Consistency and Design

Consistency and Design Working Group

Facilitator: George Hackman, Jr., Senior Director of User Experience, Applications User Experience, and creator of the Design Patterns for Oracle Fusion Applications.

Charter: The charter of this group is to improve the design quality and consistency of customers’ implemented enterprise software products. 

George Hackman Jr.
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