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Laurie Pattison
Laurie Pattison
Erika Webb
Erika Webb

UX Innovations Lab Working Group

Facilitators: Laurie Pattison, Senior Director, Applications User Experience, and Erika Webb, Senior Manager, Applications User Experience. Our team is responsible for the Apps UX Innovation Labs. The charter of the Innovation Labs is to develop and run design jams and hackathons to create new ideas for Oracle products. We support the overall UX organization innovation goal to deliver high-quality software quickly to customers. The Innovation Lab’s team goal is to accelerate innovation throughout Oracle and increasingly with Oracle partners and the community through event-driven innovation and the development of Minimally Viable Products.

Charter: The charter of this group is to present new insights into exciting ways to engage and motivate your employees, and to showcase ideas and applications coming out of Oracle innovation events.

  1. We will share what projects are coming out of our innovation events throughout Oracle, and how they are added to our existing product lines.
  2. We will include researching how emerging collaboration capabilities and business practices should be leveraged, and which technologies we should explore to better support the user.

Current and Planned Activities: In 2016, the UX Innovations Lab Working Group will work on collaborative exercises and discussions in some of the following areas:

  1. How projects coming from our innovation events could be used in the enterprise, and what OUAB members would like to see going forward.
  2. Group projects to design new product ideas within the OUAB sessions.
  3. Demonstrations of the ideas developed within our events.

January 2017 Update

The UX Innovation Labs conducted 16 different events, in six different locations (including four countries) in 2016.  We conducted six design jams, eight hackathons, one Ship It event and the first Oracle Maker Faire. Two of those events (OHUG and OOW conferences) were with customers, one event was held with both Oracle and non-Oracle participants, and one was a partner event in Australia. A total of 514 unique Oracle participants, mentors, judges and volunteers participated in our events this year. With partners and customers, that number jumps to 614. We have already scheduled eight events for 2017 and are working on several more.

July 2016 Update

In June, Laurie Pattison and Erika Webb, working group co-chairs, presented a talk and a written guideline for conducting innovation events with product development teams at the June OUAB meeting in London, U.K. The content covered the similarities and differences between design jams, hackathons, and ship-it events; when to use each method; and how to conduct such events in customer and partner organizations. The guideline is available to all OUAB members.  |  About Oracle  |  Careers  |  Contact Us  |  Legal Notices  |  Terms of Use  |  Your Privacy Rights