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Have you ever thought about how Oracle develops and researches new products or builds a new user interface? Would you like to help Oracle improve existing and future product usability?


The Oracle Applications User Experience Group

The Applications User Experience group conducts usability activities with Oracle customers and partners to obtain feedback on Oracle applications. These activities include customer participation from subject matter experts to end users of an application.

These usability activities enable usability researchers to:

Oracle researchers observe customers in their environment.
  • Understand the profiles, roles, detailed task flows, and pain points of end users

  • Diagnose and fix potential usability issues in early prototypes

  • Measure performance on released products to identify next-generation enhancements and plan for redesign

  • Incorporate feedback into a product's design

How does this benefit you?

  • Get an early look at future Oracle product designs
  • Increase the usability and usefulness of Oracle software, which ultimately increases the productivity of your employees or peers
  • Improve existing products or shape those that are still in various phases of development

Oracle is constantly developing new products and features, and there is a constant demand for user feedback. The Applications User Experience Team provides an array of opportunities for you to become involved and offer your feedback, such as:

  • Structured interviews
  • Web surveys
  • Site visits and observations
  • Ethnographic research
  • Focus groups and
    wants-and-needs analyses
  • Early prototype reviews
  • Usability tests

Depending on your geographical location and availability, the following opportunities for participation are available:
  • On-site participation in state-of-the-art usability labs at Oracle offices worldwide
  • Remote activities from your location, via web conference
  • Research visits from the UX team conducted at your company location
  • A variety of feedback activities conducted at Oracle User Group conferences such as Alliance, COLLABORATE, OBUG Benelux Connect, OHUG Global Conference, UK Oracle User Group Conference, as well as Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, California


Who are we?

We are a diverse global team comprised of researchers, interaction and visual designers, product managers and software developers. We collaborate with Oracle customers and partners worldwide to build innovative applications and solutions.

Customers offer feedback on Oracle applications prototypes during a recent conference.

How do I participate?

Contact us to learn more or to get involved.
Visit the UsableApps Events page to see where the Applications User Experience team will be conducting conference-based usability activities.
Join the Oracle Applications User Experience LinkedIn group or like us on Facebook to be informed about upcoming usability activities.
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Ethnographic studies may take Oracle researchers into the field, such as warehouses.

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