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Best Practices and Innovations in User Experience for Oracle Applications
  Strategic design philosophy pushes Oracle cloud user experience  

Simplicity, mobility, and extensibility continue to be driving themes behind the Oracle user experience, but a more focused design philosophy is also pushing the Oracle user experience. You can see the first examples of that philosophy taking shape in the simplified user interface (UI) of Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8.

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Extensibility and Customization in the Oracle Applications Cloud  

The challenge of enabling customers to easily extend and customize delivered applications is one that few software companies are willing to tackle. But it’s one that Oracle commits itself to. That’s because easy extensibility aligns with the overall Oracle Applications Cloud’s user experience strategy of simplification.

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  UX Direct: The tools you need to make your software more usable  

UX Direct is an Oracle program that offers the same scientifically proven, reusable user experience best-practices that Oracle uses to build Oracle Applications. Use these solutions to design your own successful applications and increase user adoption.

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  Simplified UI in Oracle Fusion Applications Fronts Oracle Cloud Offerings

The next evolution of the Oracle user experience—the simplified user interface for Oracle Applications Cloud—embraces themes important for today’s productive users: simplicity, mobility, and extensibility. The design relies on elegantly simple designs, smooth transitions to mobile platforms …

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From the Voice of User Experience (VoX) Blog:

Simplified UI and the Oracle User Experience in Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8

With the launch of Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8, the Oracle Applications User Experience team gets another opportunity to talk about its simplified user interface (UI) and how our usability research is moving the Oracle user experience forward. The simplified UI is the modern, intuitive, streamlined interface for the Oracle Applications Cloud that brings to the surface frequently performed tasks, works across platforms, and requires no training. …

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From the Usable Apps Blog:

Learning to Build a Wearables User Experience from Mickey Mouse

Using wearable technology in work is a hot topic, offering possibilities of increased productivity for businesses by augmenting and automating the tasks of the wearer. The Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team recently ran a wearables design jam at Oracle’s HQ in Redwood Shores. This pilot event was for Oracle employees to learn how to design wearables for the enterprise and to develop an outreach program or customers and partners to share in the lessons learned in building such solutions…

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