September 2009
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  The Inside Scoop on User Experience at Oracle OpenWorld 2009

When building your agenda and making travel plans to attend Oracle OpenWorld, be sure to include a visit with the Applications User Experience (UX) team. Sign up early to meet us face-to-face at one of the following activities:

  • Onsite Product Usability Testing at the Conference
  • Conference Sessions and Presentations
  • Oracle Headquarters Usability Lab Tours

    Onsite Product Usability Testing

Ever wonder about the real story behind how products become easy to use?  The secret: lots of usability testing. Oracle is building countless new applications and invites you to become part of the process! Learn about Oracle’s pioneering user-centered design process and the Fusion Applications usability testing process.

This event is by invitation only. If you are interested in participating in a session please express an interest here. Sessions will be booked in prior to the conference, for your convenience.


Conference Sessions and Presentations

OAUG Fusion Strategy Council: A Fusion Applications Experience Overview

  • Speakers:
    Floyd Teter, Jet Propulsion Lab - California Institute of Technology; Jeremy Ashley - Oracle; Katie Candland - Oracle
  • By working in-depth with customers to observe how end users did their work, Oracle identified key Fusion User Experience Fundamentals necessary to drive next-generation productivity. Learn about Oracle’s user experience for Fusion Applications.
    User Experience Innovations
  • Speakers:
    Jeremy Ashley - Oracle; Patanjali Venkatacharya - Oracle
  • Learn about the customer-centered processes that guide Oracle in the design and development of our user experience innovations.
    How Customer Collaboration Improves the User Experience
  • Speakers:
    Chuck Abell - Livermore National Laboratory; Sarah Gatenby - Santa Clara University; Carrie Medders - California State University-East Bay; Kim Murphy - Emerson; Anna Wichansky - Oracle
  • Hear how these members of the Oracle Usability Advisory Board, who are customers like you, have contributed to improving Oracle software.
    Secure Enterprise Search Technology Overview in Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Speakers:
    Jon Huang - Oracle; DJ Ursal - Oracle; Jacques Vigeant - Oracle; Jinyu Wang - Oracle; Sherry Mead - Oracle
  • Discover what's new with enterprise search technology and how to get better results, whether you're using Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite, or Oracle Fusion Applications.

Oracle Headquarters Usability Lab Tours

  • Whether you are local to the Bay Area, traveling to Oracle HQ, or will be attending the OpenWorld conference, you are invited to tour our Usability Labs Oct. 5-23. Want a first-hand look at how the User Experience team conducts usability activities and research on Oracle products and services, using the latest technologies?
  • Sign up now!
  Dishing Up a Delectable User Experience

When you think about Oracle Applications, a delicious meal is unlikely to come to mind — but perhaps it should. The way Oracle’s Patanjali Venkatacharya explains it, someone dining on fine French food and someone using an enterprise application have a lot in common. And here’s why: Everything that goes into rolling out a terrific meal from the creative place in a top chef’s mind also goes into creating and refining a top-shelf software application from Oracle. And the tools to create both are surprisingly similar. Read more
  How Can You Get Involved?

If you are not attending Oracle OpenWorld and want to be involved, you can participate in the following activities:

November Webinar
CPP Exclusive Learning Event: Online Customer Webinar
Wednesday, Nov. 4, 9 a.m. PDT

  • Title: Enterprise 2.0 User Experiences with Oracle WebCenter Suite
  • What will you learn? Learn about the features that make Oracle WebCenter Suite easier to use and more efficient. Oracle WebCenter Suite, the industry's most integrated, comprehensive, and standards-compliant product suite, provides a valuable new user experience that directly connects the user to the enterprise system. We will present new applications user experiences by showcasing WebCenter’s Enterprise 2.0 social computing capabilities that seamlessly combine search, publishing and knowledge management.
  • Online Instructor: Vince Casarez, Vice President of Product Management
  • Register by e-mailing: Angela Johnston (Seminar attendance instructions will be e-mailed to you in advance).
Ongoing Product Usability Testing (available remotely or onsite)
  • We conduct various usability activities on an ongoing basis. Many can be conducted remotely from your location. We look for everyday users to provide feedback on our products. This includes employees, managers, accounting professionals, human resource professionals, sales professionals, business analysts, and many more.
  • To be included in future usability activities, contact Angela Johnston.
  Oracle Usability Advisory Board

Our most involved customers participate in the Oracle Usability Advisory Board (OUAB). The OUAB identifies and addresses enterprise software usability issues in current and future products. The ultimate goal is to bring enterprise software usability to a whole new level through industry, government, and university collaboration.

Being a member of the OUAB is a very involved but fulfilling endeavor between customers and Oracle’s User Experience Team, and requires users to:

  • Attend three working meetings per year
  • Perform necessary pre and post-meeting assignments
  • Contribute actively during working meetings and online conferences

For more information on the OUAB, contact Anna Wichansky or visit the Usable Apps Web site.


Q: What is a usability test at Oracle?

The UX team has several methods for evaluating the ease of learning and use, in short, the usability, of new software. In most cases, these methods are applied before products are released in order to catch any problems early. A usability test is a one-on-one session in which a typical user of a developing product, often an Oracle customer, works with a UX team professional to assess how well the product design works. Users who participate are asked to work on realistic tasks while the UX professional watches and records such activities as task successes and any errors that occur. The professional also asks users about their impressions of how the product works and their preferences for design options. The data from several individual sessions are combined to provide a reliable list of both the strengths and weaknesses of the design. The UX professional then works with other members of the development team to keep what works and change what does not. A retest often follows with a different set of users to ensure that the changed design has fixed any problems.

Would you like to submit an FAQ? Send your question to Teena Singh.

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